Devils-Stars Postgame Quotes [01.05.10]

Here are some of the postgame quotes after Tuesday’s 4-0  win by the Devils over the Stars:

Travis Zajac:

Talking about the game…

“It was a pretty good game by us; I think we moved the puck well, got in on the forecheck, made some plays and capitalized on our opportunities.”

After the Pittsburgh game last week, everyone said it was one of the most complete games of the season, is this one right up there with that?

“Yeah, I think so. Everyone played well tonight, everyone was skating and made smart plays.”

It’s been a while since you scored, talk about your goal…

“It was on the power play, it was a shot I took; I haven’t been shooting from there, today I took one and it goes in. When you shoot the puck, good things happen.”

When you go through a drought like you did, is it any easier when the team is successful?

“Yeah it definitely helps that we are still winning games, everyone is contributing. But you want to be a part of that and it’s tough, you just have to keep working and try to get you chances every game.”

Martin Brodeur:

You’re off to the best start in franchise history is that hard to believe?

“Yeah it is because we’ve had some great teams, some teams that dominated and stuff; so to see this team being at the top of the conference as far as points is a little surprising.”

What do you want to see in the second half?

“Well, more of the same. I think consistency is where everybody is looking for their game; I think that’s a hard thing to do. Especially when you move into the second half of the season, it’s going to get really hard — points are tougher to get and you have to work harder and teams are starting to be desperate eventually. Definitely building a cushion helps us out, but we can’t let our guard down; we have to put our head down and go and play well and be consistent.”

You had to swap out masks during the game, is that a first for you?

“I’m sure I’ve done that before. It’s my old mask too, so it was a little crusty in there (laughs).”

What happened on that shot?

“The shot, it shattered my throat protector, right in the middle; so it was kind of flopping on the sides, so I had to change it.”

After the Pittsburgh game last week, everyone said it was one of the most complete games of the season, is that a fair statement?

“I think so, we played a solid game. Two different teams that we beat for sure, but this was a team that played us really good in Dallas; so we have a lot of respect (coming in) for them for the way they played us. So we went out and played a really solid game.”

Zach Parise:

Can you talk about your goal tonight?

“I think it was a really well executed 3-on-2; we had a guy, Travis, going right through the middle, Jamie (Langenbrunner) pulled up and both of their D went with Travis. Jamie found me on the far side wide open.”

Is this one of the team’s more complete games?

“I think so, I think you saw all four lines playing well and getting scoring chances. We played well in our own zone too, and for a few games we kind of got away from that. But it was nice to be able to get a win tonight.”

Did it factor in at all that this was a team that beat you earlier in the season?

“I don’t think we think about that too much, that didn’t really cross our minds — revenge or payback or anything like that.”

Jacques Lemaire:

How does this compare with some of the top wins this season?

“I think you have to put this one with some of the best that we’ve played, if not the best. You look at the speed we had, puck control, plays, we didn’t last a long time in our end so that we got the puck and went to the other zone. I think the guys were skating really well.”

Who would be your three stars tonight?

“Ooh, three stars; tonight I liked all of them. So they all get a star.”

You said the last two games were two of the worst and then this, where did this come from?

“I don’t know. It’s strange because I didn’t like the last two practices, I felt the guys were a little tired and they came out tonight and played like they did; I was surprised, very surprised.”

Zajac finally shooting…

“Yeah, he played well, I don’t know if you guys saw what he did, he was strong on the puck; he won a lot of battles, 1-on-2, 1-on-1, made some great plays and scored a goal.”

You put Pierre-Luc Leblond in, and he seemed to be a factor, what about his game?

“He played well; at first I didn’t know if I was going to put him in or Andrew (Peters) in. He hasn’t been playing for a long time and he’s been practicing hard, doing his job, trying to stay positive. I felt it would be a good time to give him a chance and his performance was good. I think he banged a few guys, with the puck he did well — he did better than in practice with the puck. He looked good.”

What did you think of Elias’ penalty?

“The first one? You probably saw me on TV; it tells what I thought of it. The thing is you do have to be careful when the game is 1-0, when the game is close. You have to be careful, because it could turn around, go the other way. So it’s not only this penalty, it’s every time it happens; you have to be in good control, you have to know the game, you have to know the score when you want to do any type of shots to the opponent.”

When he scored after coming out of the box, did he make up for it?

“I don’t know he got another penalty after. The point is he still did it, that’s the thing. We want him on the ice, we don’t want him in the penalty box; I think he’s more effective on the ice.”


Devils-Thrashers Postgame Quotes

Here are some of the postgame quotes after Monday’s 3-2  win by the Devils over the Thrashers:

Zach Parise:

Is it a weight off your shoulders (that you scored a goal tonight)?

“Yeah, it definitely feels good. It feels good that something finally went in, it’s definitely a good feeling.”

The goal that they gave credit to Colin White, did you touch it at all on the way in?

“I don’t know; we’ll have to watch it on video I guess.”

Can you talk about the first goal?

“It was a good play by Bergy to keep the puck in the zone there. He found me going in front of the net and I got a couple of whacks at it.”

Were you just waiting for David Clarkson to come back into the lineup to score a goal?

“(Smiling) Yeah that was the secret, that’s what I was waiting for.”

Were you surprised to see Niclas Bergfors get up from that hit before his assist?

“Yeah, you have to give him a lot of credit for making that play; I saw the video and he got hit pretty hard, but he got back up and made a good play. He was talking about it afterwards (on the bench) and he was a little shaken up after the hit.”

The lines were jumbled up after Andrew Peters was tossed in the opening two minutes; did that have any affect tonight?

“I guess we’re kind of used to it by now. I warmed up with Travis (Zajac) and Jamie (Langenbrunner) and then I started (the game) with Dean (McAmmond) and Patty, and then I didn’t see them the rest of the night, so (laughs). You have to make adjustments to how they’re playing and then when Petey got thrown out of the game, we had to mix and match all night.”

Martin Brodeur:

They’ve played you tough in three games this season…

“It’s just one shot that makes a difference; they have two good goalies over there that will make key saves at the right time. When they play us, I’ve seen some of the games they’ve played and it gets pretty wild sometimes, but today they looked pretty sound defensively. Their defenseman were carrying the puck and they made good plays; I thought we just stayed the course all game long.”

What happened to (Bryce) Salvador?

“I don’t know. I didn’t see, sorry I cant help you guys.”

What did you see on that first goal?

“Kovalchuk? It was a bomb. I went across and tried to get as big as I could because I know he was there; (the pass) got tipped and it threw me off a bit. My angle, because I knew exactly where he was, but when it got tipped he changed so I was a little too close to my post and he just hit it as hard as he could in the top of the net.”

The second goal went off of one of your players?

“Yeah it went off of both sticks (in the lane) and it kind of caught me a bit – the way it came up. It kind of handcuffed me (between my glove and my side), it threw me off a bit.”

How did you like the overall performance of the team coming off of a loss?

“A different opponent, playing at home; not as chaotic a day; I think we did what Jacques wanted us to do against that team. It was nice to see Clarkie back out there, getting into a fight, getting himself going. This is the way we have to bounce back after a bad game, with a win.”

After giving up four goals Saturday, how did you feel out there?

“Yeah I felt pretty good; I felt really good in Washington, it’s just that their firepower kind of overwhelmed us. I haven’t played really well against these guys this year in two games — one I got pulled, one I lost — so I just wanted to make sure I was good tonight.”

Patrik Elias:

Is it important for the team to get Zach out of his drought?

“Its good for him, he didn’t have any pressure from anybody because he was giving his best effort every night; it was just a matter of time (before he scored). I told him you only got halfway to what I had — a few years back, 18 games or something, so we kidded about that. He’s so good around the net, he gets himself opportunities, its going to go for him, sooner than later.”

Jacques Lemaire:

Thoughts on the win…what worked and why?

“I think it was a hard fought game, both teams played hard. There was a lot of hitting and not a lot of room to play. This is a team, the way they play with their wingers is tight; they play man-on-man. To get away from this you have to skate, you have to beat people. Otherwise there is always somebody on you if you are not skating.”

Parise came through…

“It’s been a couple of practices now that I feel he has been skating better; maybe his mind is more clear. To me, the biggest difference, Travis played really well, he helped him. On the second goal, Patrik made a great pass to him. Zach, he is always skating, but when he is open and waiting for the puck, somebody has to give it to him — tonight he had people give it to him.”

Was Clarkson too reckless?

“Well I think its only being a part of games and knowing your position in the defensive zone, knowing what to do. I don’t know if you saw the replay (of the first goal), he was wondering where he should go at that time before the goal. He was in front of the net, he didn’t know if he was going to stay down low or go back to his position. When you don’t play for a while, this is what’s going to happen to you. Besides that I thought he was skating fine and on the PP he was good, he missed one chance.”

What can you tell us about Salvador?

“Sal, nothing. He left the game and we won’t know more until later.”

How worried were you when Ilya Kovalchuk had the puck late in the game?

“When he shoots, everybody worries.”

Are you upset with Andrew Peters?

“I don’t want to think about this; I have other stuff on my mind.”

Did his loss screw up your game plan, as far as how you wanted to roll your lines?

“Well we end up playing three lines there in the third period, for sure. I don’t know how it would have turned out had he stayed in the game, but anyway, it’s done.”

Devils Post-Game Quotes [09.26.09]

Here are the transcripts of my post-game interviews after last night’s 1-0 Devils win over the Flyers at the Prudential Center.

Andrew Peters:

Your thoughts on the game?
“Don’t you want to talk to Dainius Zubrus? It was a good game, big win. Marty (Brodeur) played great. We came out a little bit slow, but as the game went on we got a lot better and sometimes….”

Good bounce back after losing to Philly 2-1 in OT on Thursday night?
“It was a tough loss the other night, you hate losing in overtime. But I think there’s a rivalry here and guys really get amp’d up to play against each other. There was some good energy put there.”

How are you doing, as far as getting in shape?
“I feel better every day. I came to camp big and strong; I put on 15 pounds over the summer, so at first it was tough to adjust (playing) at that weight. You know, as much as you skate back home, it’s not the same as being in a game. So it’s an adjustment when you’re carrying that much extra weight around. I think I’m adjusting just fine and my goal is to continue to learn Coach Lemaire’s system and play the system the best I can.”

How has your experience been with Coach Jacques Lemaire been so far?

“Great. He’s a great teacher. He really takes time to make sure you understand and he wants to make sure that everyone is on the same page; the way he explains the game, he makes it so simple. I think that’s why he’s had so much success as a coach in this league.”

Paul Martin

Thoughts on the game?
“We were a little streaky. We had some chances we didn’t score on. I think we had a little lackadaisical second (period), but I thought we played better in the third. So it was good to finish strong.”

The PK was good tonight, going 5-for-5.
“Yeah, we did well, Marty played good. We have to get the puck out (of the zone) though – we gave them a couple of extra chances. Otherwise the PK did good tonight.”

Good response after a loss to Philly on Thursday?
“Yeah, it’s always feels a lot better when you win, and you’re doing things right, so that helps.”

Thoughts on the new coach?
“It’s been good so far. He’s come in and changed some things up, so it takes a little time to adjust; but so far guys are buying in and working hard, so with time I’m sure it’ll be good.”

Zach Parise

Your thoughts on the game?
“I think we played pretty well at certain times in the game. I think our PP could be a little better; we can try and get some more chances. There are still areas that we need to improve on – but that’s what training camp and preseason games are for.

PK was good tonight, and you played 3:08 in the game on it, something you haven’t done too often here in New Jersey. Your thoughts on both?
“I thought our PK was really good. I like penalty killing, its helps you stay in the game more – every 15, 20, 30 seconds you’re out there, you get your legs going a little bit. I think our PK has been good. We’ve been aggressive, and aggressive at the right times.”

Your thoughts on the new coach?
“It’s been really good. He’s a really good teacher, I’ve learned a lot. He makes suggestions on things we can do better and gives the explanation why. Its good, so far we’ve learned a lot.”

Jacques Lemaire

“I didn’t like that second period. We set the puck up, we didn’t control it, and we just sat back.”

Are you close to where you want to be offensively?

“I think there’s a lot of improvement for us to get to where we want to get to. You know I felt we made good steps from game to game, but this game was step back.”


“We didn’t work hard enough and we weren’t at our best at skating tonight. Our thinking cap wasn’t on, and that’s why we played, in the second period we sat back a little too much. In the third, we came back and you could see that there was more intensity, but we want to play more like the third period than the second.”

Jay Pandolfo?

“He’s sore, not sick.”

Brodeur’s game tonight?

“Very solid; very focused, that’s the goalie that I know. He controlled the puck well, he made good plays. On the PK he sent the puck down a few times. He looked good.”


“It’s not one player that makes a line. And that line didn’t go as well as I would like to and its the chemistry of the 3 guys that has to be better. The chemistry could be to support at the right time, the right play. I remember one time they had a great chance to make a play and they shot instead of making the play. They make the play…it’s a goal. That type of chemistry I’m talking about. Good support offensively, skating at the same time; not one guy, not two guys, but all three. Back the defensemen up when its time to back them up; be consistent in all this. That’s what we’re looking for. They do it, but not all the time. That’s why the line is not working; they don’t have success right now. At times it’s everyone. It’s every line that has to do a little more, or working better as a line, it’s everyone. “

What about the Parise-Zajac-Langenbrunner line?

“No, no, no. Not as much as I’ve seen (in the past).”