Devils Sign Zajac to 4-year extension…

The New Jersey Devils and Travis Zajac agreed on a new 4-year, $15.55 million deal on Wednesday, avoiding a potentially ugly arbitration hearing that was scheduled for Friday. This is a great move to secure their no. 1 center and Zach Parise’s setup-man, for the next four years, and Parise is locked up for the next three. The next move is to add some more depth up front by possibly re-signing Brendan Shanahan and perhaps adding free agent Michael Peca — both on one-year deals. GM Lou Lamoriello has already stated that Rod Pelley will take over John Madden’s role next season, but if he can ink Peca to a one-year deal for say, a million, he should do it and allow Pelley to develop a little more, perhaps as the 4th line center. Then the lines could potentially look like this:


That’s not bad, and could be better with another player added for depth or if a well-constructed trade can be worked out with a team like San Jose (Patrick Marleau, Jonathan Cheechoo) or Boston (Phil Kessel).


  1. Peca would be a nice addition for 1-yr and is strong on faceoffs and good defensively which fits lemaire’s mold. However, Lou has stated they need to get the young guys into the lineup. With that said, where is the room for bergfors, halischuck, PL3?

    • I don’t think Bergfors is ready for a full-time role, or Halischuk for that matter, those guys need 1st or 2nd line minutes to be able to produce points consistently and I don’t think they would get that playing in New Jersey in 2009-10…PL3 will be the spare forward for when the Devils play teams with an enforcer or when players need days off for injury maintenance or whatever they call it now……

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